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2nd Annual Prairie Creek Redwoods Half Marathon and 5K

The purpose of the Prairie Creek Redwoods Half Marathon & 5k Run/Walk is to raise funds for Redwood Parks Association (RPA), a local nonprofit organization that supports educational and interpretive activities and oversees visitor centers in eight locations throughout Redwood National and State Parks. All proceeds from the run will benefit parks and public lands on California’s north coast.

Pictures from the run can be viewd on our Facebook page.

Results from this year's run:

1st place male - Half Marathon - Aaron Goodwin - 1:36:55

2nd place male - Half Marathon - Jeff Kulp - 1:38:07

3rd place male - Half Marathon - Frits Aukevsmik - 1:40:16


1st place female - Half Marathon - Jenna Larson - 1:45:44

2nd place female - Half Marathon - Laura Goforth - 1:45:45

3rd place female - Half Marathon - Tarah Balden - 2:00:27


1st place male - 5k - Paul Fukunaga - 26:33

2nd place male - 5k - Brian Pilger - 27:04

3rd place male - 5k - Lathrop Leonard - 27:24


1st place female - 5k - Emily Foubert - 27:35

2nd place female - 5k - Stephanie Hopcraft - 28:07

3rd place female - 5k - Dyani Bishop - 33:23

Donate to Redwood Parks Association

At Redwood Parks Association, we are striving to become a strong voice for this wonderful area, assist in the protection of the Redwood forest, and help visitors create memories that will last a lifetime.  In 2013, Redwood Parks Association was able to donate over $300,000 in funds and operations assistance to our partners, the National Park Service of Redwood National ParkCalifornia State Parks, and the U.S. Forest Service on the public lands of California’s Northcoast.

We are now in partnership with the BLM and Headwaters Forest Reserve.

RNSP WPA sticker

We could never do this without your help.  Your generous donations help make it all possible.  Every donation of $10 or more will receive one of our wonderful Redwood National and State Parks window stickers to show people that you care for the Redwoods.


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Wonderful video of Howland Hill Road in Redwood National and State Parks.

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